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This page contains some of my personal and extracurricular projects. Through these projects, I've developed skills in software development, machine learning, and mechatronics.

GoTo Telescope Mount

Alt-azimuth computerized telescope mount controlled by a Raspberry Pi and Arduinos.


Improved neural network for real estate price prediction, utilizing an autoencoder and regression tree ensemble, and a MongoDB database with live updates.


Custom neural network architecture for Toronto real estate price prediction, combining a CNN with a MLP. Utilized transfer learning.


App that uses machine learning to recommend recipes from an image of a fridge. Awarded "Best Use of Google Cloud Prize" at Hack The 6ix 2020.

Lichtenberg Wood Burning

Burning lightning patterns in wood using a microwave oven transformer.

Penguin Solitaire

Penguin Solitare, made with Java.

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